The advisor of choice to the Maritime and Energy Industries

About Us

We are a boutique, multi-disciplinary, special projects consultancy dedicated to the maritime and energy industries.

Our clients bring us on board to make an impact and add value. Our practice extends across compliance  and governance, special project advisory and risk management, performance management, strategic planning and execution and human resources management.

  • Enter new geographical markets

  • Expand their business through new verticals and product offerings
  • Improve profitability and operations of existing businesses
  • Scale new businesses profitably and sustainably

  • Structure (or restructure) and implement world class corporate and governance structures
  • Bring about transformation and innovation, through technology, digitization and process improvement

Each client is unique and our mandates vary widely across our client base. Our style and method of delivery is also quite unique. We enjoy embedding ourselves deeply into our clients’ businesses and operations, understanding their culture and their mindset and work with our clients as an integrated team, often working out of our clients’ offices as an extension of their staff.

Our role also often includes leading on special projects, assisting the client with risk and project management, including oversight of external advisors, who we onboard and manage. Our extensive relationships with professional advisors throughout the region and globally makes us an excellent bridge between our clients and the various advisors that it may be necessary to engage.

Strategic Approach


Adding value to our clients through our involvement, while implementing a culture of courage, teamwork and innovation.


To become the advisor of choice to the Maritime and Energy Industries 


Our core values shape how we perform. So they are the basis of each and every actions in our team.

Master Field Consultancy’s Values


progress oftentimes takes courage. We are not scared to step out of our comfort zone and to take our clients out of theirs.


we love what we do and the industries we work in. That passion comes through in our work and our ideas.


we will tell you what you need to hear, whether you like the news or not. A good relationship starts from a basis of trust and integrity and that is what our clients and their business need from us.


“but this is the way we’ve always done things” is a sentence we hate to hear. We look for innovative and cutting edge processes and solutions and will seek improvements and progress anywhere we can find them.


we are all on the same team. Our consultants work as a team, brainstorming and taking the benefit of the intellectual capital we have built. Similarly we and our clients are one team, embedded, working together to achieve the client’s goals.